How to wax

Innovax basewax  is a pure wax without artificial additives, developed through extensive testing to provide the best foundation in such a wide temperature range as possible

Innovax basewax has in itself so good sliding properties that in some bow is a competitive sliding.

On the orientation of wax

Waxer (19B)


The wax is melted at the same manner as basvaxet.

Scrape the ski warm

The melting a layer of wax.

Let the base cool.

Scrape tightly with plastic scraper.

Brass brush then horsehair or nylon brush.

Take a couple of kilometers and t brushing up his sheath.

Pulvervallor (Beta,Extreme cold, Extreme cold fluor, Extreme warm flour)

Sprinkle with plenty of powder over the sliding surface.

Heat the powder is selected so that it flows out into a smooth surface, no white islands.

Use relatively high heat.

Scrape the ski warm.

Place a layer of powder and melted into.

Let the ski cool.

Scrape off properly.

Brush the scabbard properly! Use a soft brass brush and därdefter a bristle brush.

Take a couple of kilometers on skis and brush one more bang with tagelborsten.


  Application of Innovax base wax

If you are using an iron that waxing iron shall be set fairly low heat, "wool" is usually enough.

Waxing iron comfortably warm when it smokes on wax.

Keep basvaxet against the iron and allow the smällta parrafinet flows out into a string on each side of stryrrännan.På wider ski melted out more strands.

Melting then out basvaxet by bringing grassland iron back and forth over the sliding surface until the entire sliding surface is covered in molten (wet) base wax.

Take a gummisickel and with the pressure from the brim to the sliding surface out (skate, whole pod) when the wax is still smälr.Dra then with the corner of jacquette the guide funnel and wipe away any remaining wax with a soft cloth or papper.Denna treatment is repeated until the paraffin is clean, two to three times is usually enough.

NB It is important that the sheath is allowed to cool between behandlingarna.Risken is otherwise burned to the base or even come loose. It is also appropriate to protect the floor with paper or plastic.

Next, grundpreparera base. Melt the new base wax and heat the wax to full melting of the sliding surface. Then allow the ski to cool down, scrape and brush well. Now the sheath due prepared.